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Happy Valentines Day! (Late??)

Angel!Derek and Devil!Stiles…he is the PLAID DEVIL~ 8D

Stiles pokes fun at Derek for always wearing white and MAYBE grey. Like for real, it’s after labor day and he’s seen angels wear colors other than white. Derek just has no imagination.

Also I want a fanfic where Stiles and Derek are Scott’s shoulder devil & angel.  Stiles always wants to take him on the path that ROCKS and Derek is like NO SCOTT DON’T DO THAT. It would be horrible and tragic because they’d be the worst shoulder angel/devil combo ever.  Vangoghstars was like “THE ONLY THING THEY CAN AGREE UPON IS MURDER.”  Thank god Scott is a cream puff of sweetness.


A variation on this Halloween picture I did.

Stiles is the king alpha bitch. Aw yis~


Print Sets at my Etsy shop

These are all of my Adagio tea labels as prints, for those who requested them.  There is an 8 part set and a ‘Choose 3’ set.  Hope you guys enjoy! <3

As I do more labels I’ll add more to the print shop. :)


Ahaha, first request from the livestream!  For IvyAdrena!

Sorry it’s very rushed and rough lol

We are still streaming!  (IT’S ABSOLUTELY NSFW & is nc-17 *COUGHCOUGH*)



Oh man, you guys already know how awesome Adagio is, right?  They have offered to give away an entire set of my Teen/Tea Wolf teas!  Not the bags but these big beautiful 6oz. canisters.  GUYS I AM KINDA JEALOUS I WANT THESE. But YOU guys can participate in this awesome give away! 

Here is what you will win!

The winner will receive:

  • 6 of the 6 oz. canisters of each of my Tea Wolf tea blends provided by the awesome Adagio!  (This includes Forest Lovers, Snark Nerdy To Me, Ginger Fabulous, GoalSteeper, Everyone’s Tea AND the currently unreleased Derek tea “SourWolf” which I should have available soon. Seriously all that tea is worth $144. WOW!)
  • 6 matte prints of the tea label art, sized 4”x6” from me.
  • 1 $10 Adagio coupon from me. Mmm, you can totally buy some other awesome teas with it (Maybe some of Cara’s? Her’s rock!)

2 runners up will receive:

  • 6 matte prints of the tea label art, sized 4”x6” from me.
  • 1 $10 Adagio coupon from me.
  • The grand giveaway prize is limited to US residences ONLY. (International peeps can reblog but you will only be eligible for the ‘Runner up’ prizes which I will be mailing out.)
  • Reblog up to 2 times a day.
  • Likes don’t count!
  • The contest ends on the 2nd of October, 2012!  I will announce the winners within that week. ( I will contact the winners the week the contest ends and they will have 3 days to get back to me with their addresses!)
Thanks guys, I am super excited about this!  And a huge THANK YOU to Adagio who proposed this giveaway to begin with! <3  You guys are awesome! :D