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Eleven Doctors and a Dalek by *clueless-nu on deviantART

God I hope this works. Apparently the file is too big for Tumblr (not overly surprising, it’s quite big and the share button on DeviantART didn’t work.. LOL

so hopefully this embed works. This is my.. entry? to the Doctor Who Tumblr asked for my authgraph thingie <3 Hope it counts LOL


#all you need to know about captain jack in one gifset

The Weeping Angels have gone from an incredibly creepy one-off villain into creatures that, like the Daleks before them, have lost any ability to inspire fear. They are only terrifying if they obey the rules that make them feel real … and these angels never do. They attack you in an instant if you blink, but Rory and Amy can look away from them for a good minute to debate how to defeat them without any dire consequences. They zap you back in time if they touch you, unless you’re River Song, in which case they just grab hold of your wrist and don’t let go. They always cover their eyes to protect themselves from being quantum locked, except when they don’t. They turn to stone when observed, but can cross a huge, vibrant city full of people with no problems. They only send people back in time when they are weak, otherwise they just kill them (a la Season 5), but when they’re superpowerful in New York, they stick to the back-in-time plan. And it’s lucky that there are no pictures of New York City landmarks, since an image of an angel is an angel and all.
— An interesting criticism of The Weeping Angels by FeministFiction, The Angels Take Manhattan Review (via neighborly)



Regenerating ten dgaf. Lazy totally unprofessional way to make pinstripes? 100% opacity white lines on a layer set to soft light.

This is stunning.