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Korra and Asami by *clueless-nu

Yeah that’s about it. 

Was disappointed in where LoK ended up going. Hopefully season 2 will redeem it in my eyes but yeah Korra & Asami should just run off and be awesome together.

Actually coloured this in copics.. ended up hating it and here it is again with just celshading.

Still have some A4 ($5) and A5 ($3) prints of these left if anyone wants to PM me for one? LOL




The Legend of Korra - Book 2 Trailer (by Nickelodeon)

Super excited to finally share what we’ve been working on!!

September is just around the corner!!!

Korra book 2 trailer is here!!

So wonderful that the trailer was put online today! THANK YOU!!!

Looks absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully the writing will match it (as opposed to Book 1 which was kinda appalling)


Hahahaha ever since Saturday the Korra finale seems to make me angrier and angrier. As a storyteller and as a fan of solid storytelling, it is an atrocious mess! I stand by the creators are amazing directors, amazing concept artists, amazing producers, but wow are they terrible writers. They have absolutely no understanding of dramatic convention, and so the first season of The Legend of Korra suffered greatly from terrible execution, and the core ideas were so good it should’ve been a gamechanger. It should’ve been the most brilliant thing on television and instead we were given a 12-week narrative case of blue balls.

Disclaimer: if you enjoyed/love/fanatic about Korra, by all means continue to do so! I enjoyed a lot about Korra. In fact that is why I am so frustrated. But that aside, this is meant as a critique and a dissection and as such you can take it or you can leave it. Nothing I have to say will change the show, nor will anything I have to say will have any effect on what season 2 will bring. Mostly I have been ranting about it to everyone on a daily basis since Saturday and this is my way to finally just. get. it. all. out. So this is me shouting into the ether for my own cathartic glee.

Cool? Cool.

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The best developed and most interesting characters are not the main Krew. Korra has a story, has depth, but it’s being stifled with the writing. Mako could have been a fantastic character, except his character purpose has been written up as “love interest” instead of interesting character who is also a love interest. Why? He has a great story! His parents were killed by a firebender when he was 8 years old, and he himself is a firebender. He’s been struggling to raise his younger brother on the streets, worked with gangs, and is a probender. He’s done a lot of morally ambiguous things before, so why is this not featuring in the storyline? He started dating Asami because they had something in common - probending - and they could talk together about it. Where is that? Where is the implication that his girlfriend no longer has a home or money - or dealing with her losing her own mother, and now father? Bolin is not like Sokka - he has not had moments of brilliance or development or anything really, other than comedic relief. Bolin had to deal with much of what Mako did, but when he tries to do something, it gets shown as “Silly Bolin!”

Poor Asami! Asami, who is shafted most of all. Here’s a smart, pretty, well trained martial artist who loves to race cars. She’s wealthy, but she understands not everyone is because she didn’t start off that way. She lost her mother to a bender, and yet she still finds it within herself to be a big fan of bending as a sport, to date a firebender. Even Katara had more rage about this - and can we guess Asami started to learn to defend herself after her mother died? She starts dating a boy who likes her, who shares something in common with her, and he spends his time flirting (and kissing!) another girl. How awkward and terrible - because it’s obvious Asami wants to be friends with Korra, and wants to get along with her. But her boyfriend is a jerk, everyone assumes she’s evil because she’s pretty, and her jealousy as framed as intervening and irrationaleven though her boyfriend kissed another girl and continues to flirt with her.

I have nothing wrong with shipping, or even these love triangles themselves, what I find wrong is the way the characters are being handled to portray them. It sucks.

And then suddenly Amon becomes the most interesting, most compelling character, and you realize the best characters are all adults - Amon, Tarlok, Lin - what a disappointment. Hire some writers guys.

I really feel like in hindsight, all of the episodes being done by one writing team was probably a mistake. I really feel like under someone else, the Krew could have popped more.

I just finished watching 1x09, so I’m really feeling this. I started off really interested in and excited about Mako, Bolin, and Asami, but of the young generation, only Korra is being treated with any real depth. Probably because as the Avatar and the center of the story, the non-shippy, non-comedic aspects of her character have to regularly be center stage as well, whereas past the first three or four episodes or so, the more rounded aspects of Mako and Bolin have faded into the background, and let’s face it, Asami has been completely shafted. I totally agree with missturdle, they have so many interesting facets that have been established only in passing.

Even with Korra, for example, focus on her training has fallen completely to the wayside. It was only really in the first few episodes that we actually saw her onscreen (a) working on her airbending and (b) improving her bending in general by incorporating probending styles, etc. So when the finale’s preview was extolling how she’s supposedly gotten so much stronger, my reaction was: ‘huh?’. It doesn’t feel earned.

It’s such a damn shame too, because the kids are really cool characters, and we’ve seen that they have so much potential to be explored, but it’s…not really happening. I’m not even really invested in their friendships, because not much has happened to really develop those friendships and make me believe in them. It really leaves me wishing we were able to spend as much time (as many episodes) with these guys as we did with the Gaang, because aside from the one-writing-team thing (which I actually did not know), I think that’s really limiting how much we get to know them.

On the other side of things, I’m increasinglyfascinated by Amon, Lin and Tenzin just get more and more awesome with their every appearance, and every glimpse of the grown-up Gaang leaves me bouncing on the edge of my seat.

Also, I really want at least one prominent sympathetic Equalist, because come on now. It’s not like Amon doesn’t have a point about how non-benders are treated in Republic City, and it’s worth seeing that perspective from someone who’s not, y’know, the Big Bad.

All this. 

I wish I didn’t have to agree with this but it’s all true >_




Okay .. I just watched the episode and I was wondering..Where was Tenzin the whole time?

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I was wondering the same thing! 

I’m going to presume he had something to do with evacuation and the fires..? maybe?

I may love Lin Bei Fong more and more. OMG I know that she’s going to have trouble with the Council next week but if that means we see her more? I honestly don’t mind.

Hmm.. Maybe he was helping them evacuate , but it would make more sense to go with Korra cuz he said it was for her safety..

But yeah ~ She is awesome .. I have a feeling there will be an episode where her and Korra bond.. But, the one thing that got to me was.. if Amon rode an Airship to escape does he mean he has people in the metal force to help him or something? .. These are the Questions ..

There’s a huge amount of explaining to do! and hopefully with last episodes events and the probending being over we can get to those answers

and honestly I think Tenzin was just written out so we could see Korra/Bei Fong bonding and being awesome?